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This ravine in the immediate vicinity of Gorje, approximately 4 km north-west of Bled, was discovered by Jakob Žumer, the Major of Gorje, and the cartographer and photographer Benedikt Lergetporer in February 1891. The discovery was accidental and took place at a time when the water level of the Radovna river which flows through Vintgar was very low. They started their exploration in Spodnje Gorje and headed towards Blejska Dobrava. They made it through, the otherwise impassable ravine with great difficulty and discovered so much natural beauty that they decided to establish a construction committee. The gorge was arranged for visits, especially for visitors to Bled. It was opened to the public on 26th August 1893. The 1.6 km long Vintgar gorge carves its way through the vertical rocks of the Hom and Bort hills and is graced by the Radovna with its waterfalls, pools and rapids. The path leads you over bridges and Šumer’s galleries, and ends with a bridge overlooking the mighty 16 m high Šum waterfall. Due to its natural beauty, Vintgar was classified among the more important tourist sights in Slovenia and the number of visitors increases every year. From the Šum waterfall you can take the opportunity of walking up a picturesque footpath through Hom to St. Catherine-a historical church with a beautiful view. At the entrance, and at the Šum waterfall there are cafes serving refreshments. Access by car and buses is possible as far as the parking area in front of the entrance to the ravine. SOURCE BLED.SI

The Vintgar Gorge or Blejski Vintgar 'Bled Gorge' is a 1.6 km gorge located near the settlement of Zgornje Gorje, four kilometers northwest of Bled, Slovenia. Carved by the river Radovna, the sheer canyon walls are 50 to 100 m high, with a total slope measuring about 250 m. The stream has created many erosive features such as pools and rapids, and terminates in the picturesque 13-m Šum Falls

HISTORY:Discovered in 1891 by Jakob Žumer and Benedikt Lergetporer, the gorge was soon after equipped with wooden observation walkways and bridges, and was opened to the public on August 26, 1893. The walkways have been renovated several times since; a hydroelectric dam has also been built below the gorge and a railway bridge for the Jesenice-Most na Soči line across it, but natural beauty of the Vintgar Gorge remains and continues to draw visitors. Rapids in the upper Vintgar Gorge As the first mountain gorge in the area to be made accessible to tourists, the word vintgar has been generalized in Slovene to refer to other scenic, protected gorges. Etymologically, the word is derived from German Windegg(er), referring to a place exposed to the wind.

GEOLOGY:Before the last ice age, the Radovna River flowed eastward. After being dammed by the ice and detritus of the Bohinj glacier, the resulting lake cut a new path northeast through a soft layer of triassic limestone between the peaks Poljana (884 m) and Hom (844 m), towards the Upper Sava Valley. SOURCE WIKIPEDIA

The scenery of Vintgar Gorge is magnificent and the entrance fee is only 4 eur, so if you are in the area and like nature it is a must see. We recommend it.