lake bled

Transport to Lake Bled,How to reach Bled,Bled Train,Bus,Taxi from the airport

Public transport to reach bled BUS. Bled is easily reachable with a bus from the capital Ljubljana – You have to look for direction Bohinj or Bohinjska Bistrica. The drive is about one hour and costs about 6eur. This line also stops in Kranj, Radovljica, Lesce and some smaller town on the way, so you can easily catch it anywhere. It drives at least once an hour during the day.

Here are the buses timetables Be carefull if you buy a return ticket, because different companies drive on this line and you must go on the bus of the same company for the return ride. If you want to reach Bled from the Ljubljana Airport Jozeta Pucnika it is best you take a taxi.

They are usually waiting on the airport, and the drive is about 40-50eur in one direction and takes about half an hour. If you want to rent a car in Bled, there are several worldwide known rent-a-car agents in Bled, so finding one won't be a problem.

If you want to reach Bled by train you have two options.You must leave the train at »Lesce-Bled« station,if you are coming from direction of the capital – Ljubljana or maybe via Jesenice, from Austria. But don't let the name of the station fool you, because it is about 10km away from the Bled lake. It is actually in a town called Lesce on the main bus and railway station.

You can catch a bus to Bled from here, for a fare of about 2eur. There are also taxis, you can pick up to reach Bled from here. If you are coming from the direction of Sežana, Nova Gorica, Most na Soči, or something similar you can use the »Bled Jezero« station, which is just above the Bled lake.

If you are going to the Bled campsite, you can reach it in couple of minutes, just go down the hill. If you are headed to the Bled centre, you have about 30min of walk ahead of you, because everything is on the other side of the lake Bled. Of course you can also take a taxi from here, but if you are not carrying to much luggage with you, walking is probably the best option, as you have the chance to check some things out on the way.

But make sure you go into the right direction, as you don't want to furthen your walk. If the train station is behind you and you are looking at the lake Bled, just go down the hill and turn left by the lake. It has a nice walking path and in about half an hour you will reach Bled centre, where the main bus station and most pubs, accommodations are.