castle bled

Bled Castle,About the famous Castle in Slovenia- information and pictures

The famous Bled castle is located on a big rock, just by the lake. It is about 100 metres high and provides nice view over the lake, the town and other parts of the region.

First a roman tower stood in the place where the castle is now. Later on, other parts of the castle were added. The most interesting is probably the chapel. Nowadays the castle is reorganized as a museum, has a nice restaurants and also weddings are held there on regular basis. The museum has a nice collection of weapons, armor and jewellery, which is worth visiting.

The castle is the second most visited tourist site in Slovenia, just after the Postojna cave. It is also believed to be the oldest castle in Slovenia and was first mentioned in the year 1011. It is also a nice background image for Bled island and the lake. This image is worldwide known and it is believed to be one of the 7 wonders of the world according to some sources.

Because of its strategic location, it has always been an important location for arranging high-level meetings. The castle was visited by many important politicians from all over the world.